100 Coffee Dates

Where is Mr Right???

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Introducing… girls that just wanna have fun

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Magenta… that’s me!

I'm no Elizabeth Taylor, but I've racked up enough failed relationships that I'm beginning to wonder if it’s me, not them.  I've got a few girlfriends that have been having men trouble too. We all live in an apartment block we like to call The Stagger Inn, due to the frequency of the parties in the block! We're all good catches in our own ways, but for different reasons true love has eluded us. How is it that every resident in this apartment block is single? What the hell is wrong with the men out there? I've decided that I’ll go on coffee dates with up to 100 men, and if I haven’t found him by number 100, I’ll give up on true love and stay single. Join me on my quest for Mr Right. It's never boring at The Stagger Inn!
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Affectionately called Evil Evie, as she gets up to more mischief in a week than most people experience in a lifetime! Evie is a constant source of shock and amusement us.  I still haven't figured out if she corrupts the rest of us with her antics, or if she's just living out our inner thoughts. She's THAT kind of woman. Impulsive and demanding - she's a dirty seductress. If she wants it, she gets it. Usually it's men and mostly it's sadomasochistic. The woman is a furnace of sexual desire! Tssssss!!


Since Ally's husband left her for another man, she's been taking home every guy she picks up. Eric was her childhood sweetheart and all she ever 'knew'. Making up for lost time? You could say that, although what she's chasing is something more elusive than you might imagine. Through her 23 years of marriage, she never knew if the sex was good, bad or indifferent. It seems the one night stands aren't giving her the satisfaction she's seeking either.  None of the men seem to know how to please her. Can she learn from the girls at The Stagger Inn how to hit the spot?  Will she ever be satisfied?        
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Lulu is a man magnet. When she walks into a room all eyes turn. The women whisper and gossip and the men stare and drool. But she hates it - her natural beauty is a curse. Lulu wants to be married. She believes in true love and she refuses to give up.  She's positive and believes Mr Right is out there looking for her right this minute. I'd like to see him turn up at her door! Pleeease, can Lulu's Mr Right turn up and put us all out of our misery??
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Lexy should have been a stand up comedienne. She's one of the funniest ladies you could meet and always has a one-liner to catch us out. When Lexy's in the room I  laugh so hard the tears run down my leg. I don't know how she remembers all the jokes. They must take up all the space in her brain. True to form, she's what they call a typical blonde and sometimes shocks even me with the dumb things she does. But that's just one of the reasons she's so adorable. She was recently taken off the market, but still takes part in our 'Girls Only' soirees at The Stagger Inn.
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The newest resident at The Stagger Inn, Charlee has been a bundle of surprises since she moved in. After having her share of broken hearts, she's single and on the dating scene again. When I first met her, I thought butter wouldn't melt in Charlee's mouth. She seemed so quiet and family oriented, yet I'm constantly amazed when I see and hear the things she gets up to. Even Evil Evie is sometimes shocked by Charlee's behaviour. Right!  Like, what the hell could shock Evie?? It's not that she does anything worse than Evie, just that we don't expect little miss quiet to get up to ... well what she does. They say it's always the quiet ones you have to watch!

And the dates …

I was quite anxious and cautious for my first date. I hadn’t given him my number, although he had asked for it in both his emails. He seemed nice and he was saying all the right things, but I wanted to wait until we met before I gave him that much access to me. Read more…..

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Marcus was a professional artist. I’m a creative person and I like art, so this could work. I liked the way he personalised his profile with samples of his paintings. He didn’t use his own photo at all. I figured he was more proud of his art than he was vain. Some people just don’t like having their photos taken. Read more….

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I’d already lined up Chad for my next date, in case Marcus didn’t work out. At least he’d had his photo on his profile. His photo was actually quite cute. He was 47, tanned, and had sun-bleached wavy shoulder length hair.  Read more…..

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